CANNAINVESTOR Magazine October / November 2016 - Page 133

Ergrow's financial outlook is very positive, with a three-year forecast of $5M in annual sales, minimum. This early forecast is based upon introducing a limited number of products, prioritized by ease of manufacture and the impact that the products will have toward profit and effective results in performance. An early focus on cannabis production and that industry’s growth follows a revenue stream that is already poised to spend on similar tools of the trade. Ergrow currently carries a debt of only $20K toward professional fees, and are prepared to re-invest profits toward a low reliance on future debt. With that said, appropriate scale will keep investment options on the table, and there is equity budgeted toward future investment in their business plan. For example, an initial investment of $100K will enable them to launch with a small team and support their infrastructure, and then self-fund/reinvest easily and methodically. In addition, Ergrow can trade equity or borrow based upon valuation and traction to scale faster and expand toward new territories and address additional work tasks within horticulture and agriculture. Initially, their goal is for a $1M investment, with fallback options for lesser investment as low as $100K.

In summary, Ergrow follows a proven, very successful business model, and is led by a visionary founder with the experience and proven aptitude to achieve great success as a first to market leader. Ergrow's manufacturing partner is located in a historic hemp thread mill in Kennebunk, Maine, and is ready to sign a lease for 2,000SF of office space in the same building. As an extremely efficient operation, the Twine Mill building is located on the Mousam River, just upstream of “Tom’s of Maine” natural products company, with a hydroelectric dam on site which provides 100% clean hydro power to run the facility. Ergrow's philosophy as a company closely matches that which is customary of naturalists and horticulturists; which is one of virtue, integrity, optimism and organic beliefs. Ergrow has already planned to give back to the community with support of holistic education initiatives and environmental conservation. They look forward to a partnership with an individual or organization with similar beliefs to fund their initial and future success as the global leader in Ergonomics for the Horticulture industry.