CANNAINVESTOR Magazine October / November 2016 - Page 131

The quality and innovation that their products represent and therefore users will benefit from allow for high profit margins. The products will appeal to the individual horticulturist, all the way up to business owners who provide them for their employees to reduce ergonomic risk factors. Therefore, Ergrow products will be purchased by both users and businesses, who will spend only slightly more for superior performance of their current options. This has already been proven in the corporate working environment, experienced by its founder, where quality, usability and overall ergonomic performance easily justify the cost. Ergrow's lead products have been tested in the field and all feedback has been extremely positive. The validation of their business model and IP for product designs is exemplified by a top 15% rating from Gateway Accelerator, out of nearly 200 startup companies from nine countries in early 2016.

Ergrow's sales processes include wholesale distribution, retail sales and online sales; each with global scale. They're branded neutrally, with no overt association to cannabis, although cannabis production is a specific focus of the company. In general, their products apply to any horticultural environment, indoor or outdoor. Ergrow has provided for continuous, innovative education and advertising through their proprietary publication/blog, “The Ergronomist,” supported by their web domain: Users will be encouraged to share their experiences using their products, to demonstrate the improvements and differentiation that they offer. Ergrow understands that as a pioneer in the industry, education and testimonials are key differentiators to other available products. Ergrow's advertising and direct sales team will engage the emerging generation of horticulture workers and employers, to encourage them to improve their working conditions and therefore their lives, and explain/demonstrate the many benefits through example.

Ergrow has the major advantage of a founder who has walked the exact same business model for fifteen years prior to its conception and launch. Brian Ritchie has the unique ability to guide the process of designing, manufacturing, launching, scaling and predicting how the public will embrace product introductions and concepts. His experience with the design process, customer interaction and ergonomic consulting for major companies has provided a road map for the same discussions that will take place on behalf of Ergrow. Brian has surrounded himself with a team who understands the go-to-market strategy and who is poised to apply their unique experiences toward success. With no current competition to speak of, they're prepared to absorb or even applaud emerging competition under licensing agreements to bolster their product offerings. In addition, Ergrow has gotten the approval from the CEO of South Worth Products as an Ergrow-branded reseller, representing a major potential global partnership. South Worth is another Maine company and is the world leader in the manufacture/distribution of heavier, industrial ergonomic products for lifting/moving materials for large-scale operations. Similar partnerships will be made with other appropriate product manufacturers to provide the best offering possible for their customers, only representing those of the highest quality and performance standards.