CANNAINVESTOR Magazine October / November 2016 - Page 130

The Company

Ergrow Systems is the first company to comprehensively address Ergonomics in the Horticulture industry. Historically, workers in this industry have been largely ignored with respect to reducing fatigue and preventing injury, partly due to lack of demonstrated responsibility and insight. Ergrow's business model is based upon their Founder, Brian Ritchie’s experience of fifteen years working with Humanscale Corporation (global market leader) to provide similar solutions for computer users in corporate workstation settings. Ergonomics addresses comfort, safety and efficiency/productivity in any working environment, and the Horticulture industry has not received the attention that it needs to make their job duties and processes ergonomically sound. Ergonomics improves working conditions for the user, and also the bottom line for business owners in a myriad of ways, and is a proven science. The explosive growth of the cannabis industry, as an example, is demonstrating existing demand, and will continue to develop many examples of injury rates and inefficiencies which will prove very costly, therefore underscoring the need for properly designed ergonomic products and processes in any horticultural environment. Ergrow Systems is the only company poised to deliver innovative solutions to wellness and efficiency problems that are inevitable and predicted to increase exponentially.

Ergrow solutions come in the form of innovative products that improve the horticulturists’ user experience in their working environment. Their patent-pending product designs will mitigate problems such as heavy lifting, awkward working postures, repetitive motion and inefficient processes. Ergrow will also provide a professional level of guidance and insight through their Consulting Division. Ergrow will begin by introducing products that not only demonstrate the value proposition of ergonomics, but address and solve the most pressing issues facing horticulturists today. Currently no solutions match their innovative product designs. Ergrow's will, for the most part, replace/improve products that are already purchased by the industry, therefore not creating additional capital expenses beyond the norm.

Proposed Ergrow Systems Headquarters