CANNAINVESTOR Magazine October / November 2016 - Page 124

Calling all accredited investors who want access to great deal flow and a possible starring role as a "Shark" on Season #3 of The Marijuana Show! We are seeking investors with a desire to get access to top deals in the Cannabis industry that are not available anywhere else. Our Parent company is Green Equity Media, our investor/partners have successfully offered over 10 Million to companies in our past two seasons. Reviewing our current deal flow, we anticipate this next season to infuse 20 Million into the Cannabis industry!

Due to the popularity of our show, now featured on Amazon and seen by Millions, The Marijuana show has seen hundreds of excellent pitches by CEO's of companies, we vetted them and narrowed our list down to dozens of excellent companies for Season #3, the winners all will be featured on our television show!

You can touch the plant, or not, it's up to you we have every imaginable deal for your review in verticals including: ancillary, tech, bio, labs, extraction, real estate, cbd, vaporizers, financial, grows and dispensaries. We welcome new accredited investors to get access to our deals, plus a possible starring role on Season Three.

It's easy and free to get started! Simply go to our parent site and register as an investor: We will review your application, and set up a meeting to introduce you to amazing CEO's of top companies in the Cannabis industry! Right now, an example of deals on the table: 1) Profitable (7 figures) CBD company in California, 2) Partner with a Grow in Maryland (1/15 winning licensees)

3) Profitable Online Retailer for ancillary products.