CANNAINVESTOR Magazine October / November 2016 - Page 122

Venegas affirms that maximizing revenue and return for investors is just as important as minimizing risk for the company’s clients, which include some of the largest cannabis growers and retail brands in the industry. The mission of Helix TCS is to provide its clients with operating environments that minimize risk, ensure operational compliance, and increase profit. As such, Helix TCS delivers the full suite of security and operating environment services to the legal cannabis industry, including background and corporate investigations, competitive intelligence, guarding, monitoring, military grade transport and tracking systems, security systems design, and implementation.

Helix recently celebrated its one-year anniversary and has quickly risen to become the market leader in multiple sectors of the cannabis industry. Venegas is excited about new initiatives and developments happening behind the scenes at Helix and hopes the company’s second year will be even better than its first. With the acquisition of Cannabase, integrating and expanding the wholesale market into a fully compliant, real-time marketplace is now a possibility. “The market and data potential of Cannabase has been overlooked by the market, and this has been a great asset as we’ve developed key partnerships and technologies while quietly growing our already massive market share.” Venegas states.

Each state the company moves into represents a new market with unique requirements and legislation, playing directly into the strengths of Venegas and his team. The new frontier of cannabis has arrived, and Helix TCS is ready for the “gold (green) rush.”