CANNAINVESTOR Magazine October / November 2016 - Page 115

As investors we see great opportunities in this market space. Reading this magazine and these words consider yourself a pioneer.

As far as the ticker goes we see rejection from Wall Street when a marijuana company qualifies such as Massroots. Investing strategically in technology and research companies may be our safest bet for the time being. The international world of trading host it's own oysters but you are now playing on someone else's turf. Do your research and due diligence! Make sure the company complies with all laws in that location. This is my only advice to you.

Delegate properly with caution and do not be wooed by the percentages blasted on pro cannabis agendas. These are a dozen companies out of thousands that just happened to make it. If you can get a hold of a company prior to its IPO release date and buy in; that's a true gamble. You may as well be in Vegas with a blindfold.

If you truly have done you're homework and feel confident about a particular venture and funds to match then by all means spin the wheel, you may reap dividends unheard of.

This may also be your way of playing a part in progress. If you can't find the right venture but have the entrepreneurial bug then take the greatest bet and go all in on yourself. Be that one in a thousand and make a name in this industry you can stand firm on! You may be one of the leaders when the time comes! My final words are; regardless of you're strategy, technology, approach, or technique, do it with passion and you're joy will merit any hurdle you overcome.