CANNAINVESTOR Magazine October / November 2016 - Page 10


In early 2015, CSA announced the release of their new physical security solutions division. Through this new division, we can now offer armored transport, armed and unarmed guards, comprehensive background checks, and site risk assessments. Our guards dress professionally with Cloverton identification and have a law enforcement or military background. Our new fleet of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vehicles have been up-armored with the latest bullet-resistant technology, are GPS tracked, and equipped with the a 4-point camera system that transmits live streaming footage to our command center. This guarantees total traceability from pickup to drop-off. CSA can now offer comprehensive security solutions to the cannabis industry that is second to none.

As a national leading security firm, CSA knows where the risk points exists for cannabis businesses, and how to tailor services to ensure maximum loss prevention and legal compliance. We have positioned ourselves in becoming the market leader and brand name in the cannabis security industry.

CSA increased its revenue in 2014 by more than 150% as compared to 2013 revenue. In 2015,

CSA increased its revenue an additional 25% over its 2014 revenue and is on pace to dramatically increase revenue again in 2016 by 40%. 2016 is a year for expansion as CSA acquires Big Al's Security Team, making CSA one of the nation's largest cannabis based security companies.

The Company generates revenues from various sources including security system installations (CCTV, alarm, and access control), armored transport services, guard services, consulting, alarm monitoring, off-site video, and field service. The Company’s current revenue model is composed of the following income streams:

Security System Installations

Armored Transport Services

Guard Services (armed and unarmed)

Compliance Consulting

Alarm Monitoring & Offsite Video Backup