CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November / December 2016 - Page 76


Ancillary Businesses

Mediswipe is a Florida C Corporation provides financial services to

canna-businesses including virtual wallet, turning any business into a cashless system.

-Corporate and or Personal Virtual Checking Account

-Online Check Writing

-Account loading via the Internet

-Coupons and email campaigns to clients and patients

-Customer Identification and Peer-to-Peer payments in Real Time

-Credit Card Processing

WoahStork ( is a technology platform that simplifies and consolidates cannabis transactions. WoahStork allows for any participating dispensary to utilize an advanced software bundle, which allows qualifying patients the ability to place and pay for orders online. These orders can be complemented by the end-user with software that allows for the creation of customized pre-rolls, coupon redemption, and more. WoahStork provides patients with a one-time verification process that allows access to all participating dispensaries in their area following their agreement to become a member of each collective they decide to order from.

The service also provides users with a statistical profile representative of their historical interactions with marijuana. WoahStork will provide moment-to-moment recommendations for medical variety based on an advanced algorithm that takes into account past preference in combination with current disposition. Users can also review strains, share on social media, and participate in a number of polls to earn rewards, redeemable for coupons and swag. Remarked on by some as the “GrubHub and Netflix” of marijuana, WoahStork is currently operating in Colorado, California, Washington, and Oregon.