CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November / December 2016 - Page 61


•Finmore Mining Inc (CSE:FIN; OTC:FNREF), that issued a letter of intent to purchase 100% of Kushtown USA LLC,

•Lifestyle Delivery Systems Inc (CSE:LDS; OTC:LDSYF),

•Liberty Leaf Holdings Ltd (CSE:LIB),

•Maple Leaf Green World Inc (CSE:MGW; OTC:MPEFF),

•Nutritional High International Inc (CSE: EAT, OTC: SPLIF)

•Online searches as well as scanning through CANNAINVESTOR Magazine reveal others.


I personally was surprised how little information is out there with respect to investing in publicly traded companies operating in the legal marijuana industry. As recently as October 12, 2016, an article titled “Pot stock hits record high as more U.S. states press ahead with legalization” was published by Bloomberg news. One statement with respect to Scott’s Mircale Grow stood out: “Scotts is one of the only public companies you can play to actually participate in the growth of the industry,” Ms. Bocskor said. “As people look and say, ‘Hey I want to play the growth of cannabis industry in a public company,’ there aren’t a lot of choices, so Scotts probably will see substantial interest, especially after Nov. 8.” Proof positive that you are well ahead of the curve by subscribing to CANNAINVESTOR Magazine where each month many new companies are featured that are publicly traded”.

The title of the October article was “THE SKY IS FALLING”. On October 12, 2016 a leading Canadian newspaper, The National Post, published an article “Catch and Release” on the subject of legalization cannabis, ended with “ . . . Quoting a sheriff he met while on a fact-finding trip to Washington state, Serr added: “The sky didn’t fall. You legalize marijuana and, guess what, the sky didn’t fall on us… If this is done effectively and appropriately, we’ll manage it.” I found that tremendously well timed because of course the entire theme of the October article was that this industry is anything but a repeat of the and in fact was the conversion of a multi-billion dollar existing black market into a legal regulated industry. I also have often referenced Canada in my articles and Tommy Chong made headlines in October stating Canada’s laws could set the standard for the USA.

Marijuana is Slowly Being Legalized and "The Sky is not Falling!"