CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November / December 2016 - Page 59


The ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th District is far reaching because businesses and residents cannot be prosecuted for their lawful participation with respect to legal marijuana within the state. So now let’s revisit the first event - the MassRoots NASDAQ ruling. To many, that ruling was a single event in time representing an attempt to delay the inevitable. However, much like the DEA ruling, one can at least understand why there could be an unwillingness to sanction a listing for a company that may be seen as facilitating the access and use (including recreational) of a Schedule I drug deemed illegal Federally.

The prepared Retailed Investor documented these, and other, events and realized that MassRoots appealed that decision by NASDAQ. What if the initial request to be listed was subsequent to the ruling by the Appeal court that clearly stated no business can be prosecuted for its lawful compliance? An appeal is necessarily subsequent to that court ruling and will be heard after November 8. Combined these events demonstrate how powerful Ecoforming is because what was a hostile environment to MSRT in May appears now to be more hospitable. MSRT has also expanded internationally with its recent announced partnering with Aphria Inc (CSE:APH; OTC:APHQF) in Canada. Another example as to why continuous monitoring is needed rests in one of the most basic tenets to investing successfully – invest in the management team as they are critical in these turbulent times.

There are many companies that have replaced key management and executive positions. Continuous monitoring alerts investors to this and perhaps it is now time to exit an existing position or open a position in a company that you previously dismissed. Remember, there is no set it and forget it here! Use CANNAINVESTOR Magazine’s top long and short term stock picks plus the stocks to watch. If you are not ready to invest yet, any of those companies along with those referenced in articles make excellent case studies. Another trick that many successful Retail Investors use is the simplification of the complicated such as the use of acronyms.

Most in the business world knows that TEAM is an acronym for TOGETHER EVERYONE ACCOMPLISHES MORE and that one word/phrase is a summary to encapsulate text books of research on the benefits of synergies. Today’s texters use acronyms daily such as ADN for ANY DAY NOW. I too try to simplify concepts such as with the term Ecoforming and let me introduce you to the SPIRO principle. SELL for PROFIT, INVEST for ROI and/or OPPORTUNITY. Simply ask with each stock “what does Spiro say?”. No one ever got hurt selling for profit. Invest for returns and for opportunity. The term “invest” includes all of the steps and due diligence needed in making an investment decision. “What does Spiro say” is a lot easier to remember than pages of technical and fundamental analysis as well as the other factors unique to the legal marijuana industry. Another is the HERO strategy.