CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November / December 2016 - Page 57


The article titled “How Short Sellers are Killing Companies” written by Chris Parry details how bulletin boards are used to harm investors and companies alike. The International Journal of Banking and Finance (December 2011: “The impact of manipulation in internet stock message boards”) stated that “Internet message boards are often used to spread [misleading] information in order to manipulate financial markets”. How do you filter out the relevant from the “noise” and capitalize on the significance of this date? Let’s again step it back for a moment.

No one questions the health benefits derived from meditation. The more hectic and confusing life is, the greater the benefit that meditation is said to provide as it allows the mind to focus on the relevant and filter out distractions. That is no different than what the successful Retail Investor needs to do. Slow it down, focus, back to basics, and filter out the noise.

Every issue of CANNAINVESTOR Magazine is filled with articles to assist subscribers better understand companies within the hemp and cannabis industry. A repeated theme is the need to undertake due diligence and to continuously monitor investments and the industry because of Ecoforming. You likely have recorded the dates and values of your investments but have you added in the dates and summaries of key Ecoforming events?