CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November / December 2016 - Page 56


Submitting this article before the election and ballot measures results were known was challenging, intimidating, and frightening. When panicked, what is the first thing that we are taught to do? Breathe slowly, get composed, calm down, and start at the beginning! Reminds me of investing! Invest today based on due diligence but with uncertainty about what tomorrow may bring. Let’s start at the beginning.

2727BC is generally accepted as the first recorded use of Cannabis as medicine. Cannabis and Hemp have played vital roles in virtually all aspects of civilized development from food and construction to textiles and medicine - rumor has it some recreational indulgence too. Its use in Religious ceremonies dates back to the ancient cultures of Scythia and Assyria. Cannabis was made illegal in the United States in 1937 and, in different years, in other countries. Production and distribution then fell into the black market dominated by powerful cartels and gangs.

In recent years, the seeds were planted not only in the USA but in several countries to transform that black market into a legal regulated market. Without doubt, November 8 is the single most important event to date and how the future unfolds for the cannabis and hemp industry rests with the results. This does not mean that November 8th is “day zero” as that day may still be in the future but November 8 will be a significant date for the industry’s history books. Also in November, the Task Force in Canada with respect to the legalization of recreational usage is due to report its findings and recommendations. Canada is considered the world leader and all eyes will be on that report.

The entire industry is in overdrive resulting in an onslaught by those that state you need to invest now or risk missing out. Such an onslaught of data and pressure tactics can be overwhelming and especially to a Retail Investor trained in the need to always undertake due diligence. The temptation to bypass the due diligence process is often too much to resist out of fear of missing out. New companies are appearing with greater frequency and existing ones will be looking to capitalize on their first mover advantage - all are competing for your investment dollars. The usual sources for guerilla tactic information such as blogs and bulletin boards are now even more full of hot tips by anonymous bloggers claiming to know the exact companies that will succeed or fail. This is a good time for you to research online how some use investment boards to manipulate investors and influence share prices.