CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November / December 2016 - Page 48

Production I Emblem

Recreational Marijuana


Emblem is preparing for the legalization of recreational marijuana in a number of ways


Over 4.1 acres of land capable

of capacity expansion of up to


Marketing & Branding

Becoming a leader in the space by

providing an exceptional customer


• Both the Canadian federal government and the provinces need to find new ways to maximize revenue including the taxation of recreational marijuana.

• Consequently, the Canadian Government will be highly motivated to shut down illegal dispensaries.

• Taxes are not expected to be applicable to medical marijuana, which will continue to be a high margin business following the introduction of recreational.

Modular Approach

To building and growing room

construction allows rapid

deployment of additional

production capacity

Quality & Focus

Producing a high quality product to focus

on premium end of recreational market