CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November / December 2016 - Page 47


John H. Stewart

Beginning Q2 2017, Emblem will be launching cannabinoid-based medications in customary pharmaceutical dosage forms such as liquids, gel caps, oral sprays and


Headed by John H. Stewart

• President & CEO of Purdue Pharma

(Canada 1991-2006, US 2006-2013)

• 30+ years experience in developing and commercializing pharmaceutical


• Launched 11 new products, including Biphentin, MS Contin, Zytram XL and

the $2B per year OxyContin

• Invested +$900,000 into Emblem


• The active components are extracted from cannabis plants and can be used in

liquid form (cannabis oil) or incorporated into other formulations

• LP’s can now monetize the entire cannabis

plant, not just the dried flower

• Patients are seeking more discreet

and easily managed dosage forms of

medical cannabis

• Physicians are looking for more

precise control of cannabinoid

dosages, and assurance of

consistency and stability

• The availability of pharmaceutical

formulations of cannabis will

significantly expand the medical

marijuana market