CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November / December 2016 - Page 36


Experienced Team

John H. Stewart

President, Emblem Pharmaceutical’s

• President & CEO of Purdue Pharma Canada (1991-2006) and Purdue Pharma US (2007-2013), one of the largest privately held pharmaceutical companies in the world

• Launched 11 new products, including OxyContin

• Invested $900,000+ into Emblem

Gordon Fox

CEO, Emblem Corp.

• Former partner at Goodman & Carr LLP from 1979 to 1995, practicing securities law

• Co-Founder of White Cedar Pharmacy, a pharmacy serving over 2,600 patients in Ontario

• Founder of Lytton Capital in 1995, a Limited Market Dealer

• Invested $1,350,000+ into Emblem

Harvey Shapiro

President, GrowWise Health

• Co-founder, CEO of Dynacare (1988 - 2002) - Mr. Shapiro was the CEO of TSX listed medical diagnostic services company Dynacare Inc., Acquired by Laboratory Corp. of America Holdings in 2002

• Practiced Securities Law at Goodman & Carr LLP from 1973 to 1987

• Invested $1,350,000+ into Emblem

Maxim Zavet

President, Emblem Cannabis

• Founding partner of Levy Zavet PC

• Extensive knowledge for the MMPR and the Cannabis Industry in Canada

• Indepth knowledge of medical marijuana with an extensive network of contacts around the world


• The Emblem team has built and managed multi-billion dollar companies

• Founders exchanged founder shares for Management Performance Escrow shares with voluntary 18 month escrow

• Founders own a significant percent of the company and understand the importance of share structure


Amount management, founders, advisors and

employees have invested personally