CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November / December 2016 - Page 29


The good news is that there is no minimum time in business, earnings or assets requirements to become a public company. As previously stated, any company can go public. The leading company taking small and startup companies public is Tiber Creek Corporation located in Beverly Hills, CA. The company president is a securities attorney. Their website is They offer free reports about how a company can go public.

The president of Tiber Creek James Cassidy says, "the most important aspect is to have a good pitch in which potential investors can see the growth potential of your company."

It is recommended to use an experienced firm to help you navigate the rules and regulations of going public. can do the legal filings and can also provide introductions to capital sources. You can get your own stock symbol and investors can buy your stock with a broker or online.

Many companies will use shares of public stock as currency. This comes into play when you seek to attract quality executives or reward loyal employees by giving them stock options. This added incentive provides them with a vested interest in your company's ongoing growth and success. You can also use stock as currency to perform mergers and acquisitions of your competitors or synergistic businesses.

Being a public company usually gives investors an exit strategy. Knowing it is possible to buy and sell stock gives them added confidence to invest in public companies. Unlike a private company, which has no exit strategy for investors.

Cannabis is a fast growing industry; discover how to tap into growth capital by going public. Going public is something companies will want to consider because it can often help with giving your company credibility and prestige, higher visibility and of course, the possibility of increased working capital acquired through the sale of stock. offers a free consultation and going public reports. You can reach us by visiting our website or calling us at (310) 888-1870.

By Tiber Creek Corp.