CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November / December 2016 - Page 24


Helix TCS’s unique path was set by its CEO: Zachary L. Venegas. Venegas has been a private equity investor and entrepreneur in frontier and emerging markets for nearly 15 years. He often stresses that cannabis is another frontier market, which has allowed him to use the tools and strategies he picked up working in other frontier markets.

Venegas began his career in the financial services after leaving the Army as a Captain. He earned an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business. He spent 13 years living abroad in different countries, most of which were emerging and frontier markets. Prior to forming Helix, Venegas was a private equity investor focused on frontier markets, with investments in financial services, fintech, clean energy, advertising, and security/intelligence services.

Venegas believes that his experiences in frontier markets have prepared him to be competitive in the cannabis industry on every level. As he explains: “We have a different operating model from most. We’re much more information and data-focused in the way we serve our clients. In frontier markets, you can’t rely on cultural norms or traditional sources of information because they often don’t exist or function in a familiar way.”

Helix’s approach to marketing is also unique. CEO, Zac Venegas, is a strong believer in the principle of a “do, don’t say” strategy which has served the company (and its stock) well.


Venegas summarizes the objective of Helix TCS’ strategic initiatives: “At the core, all our partnerships and business lines come together to provide our clients with a suite of services that create an operating environment that identifies and minimizes operational and market friction and makes their businesses more productive and profitable. That is the essence of our Integrated Operating Environment. We will continue to develop and extend these strengths as we expand into new geographic markets and seize new market opportunities.”