CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November / December 2016 - Page 21

In addition to the wealth of proprietary data gathered on the platform and through strategic partners, Cannabase has amassed an extensive archive of field knowledge, scraped data, and inferred data (from publicly available data sets issued by state-sanctioned organizations). By supplementing incoming quantitative data with the collection of detailed marketing and wholesale profiles, brand/product information, entity contacts, social media profiles and public records, Cannabase can provide comprehensive intelligence reports for clients in both retail and wholesale contexts. As the only marijuana wholesale market with comprehensive data before and after mandatory vertical integration ended in 2014, Cannabase is uniquely positioned to educate business owners, government agencies, and consumers in different markets of the price impacts of various regulatory structures.

Established in 2010, MJ Freeway is a woman-owned seed-to-sale software provider headquartered in Denver, CO. As a market leader, MJ Freeway has over 1,000 licensees that rely on its software for compliance and tracking purposes, and it offers peripheral hardware and software add-ons for complete operations management. In addition to these product offerings, the company provides consulting and professional services to share their expertise, such as tax planning, custom reporting, integration, data and workflow analysis, and training.

MJ Freeway expanded its scope of product offerings when it acquired a company called Dispensary Mobile. This company’s app-based product line provides real-time inventory, order, and customer experience visibility, and it allows MJ Freeway to offer white-labeled mobile applications to dispensaries.

Amy Poinsett, the Co-founder and CEO of MJ Freeway stated, “Our goal is to improve the performance and profitability of cannabis businesses. MJ Freeway’s integration with Cannabase will bring solutions that automate the cannabis wholesale exchange improving the speed and transparency of transactions today and creating a national network of buyers and sellers that can be quickly and compliantly united when the federal landscape changes.”