CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November / December 2016 - Page 20

As you zoom into the individual map points (dispensary storefronts), you can click them to see more information - like their rating, hours of operation, and their address. From here you can get driving directions, call the store, or visit their Cannabase storefront to look at reviews, see pictures, grab any available deals, see who else has visited, and more. Once you’ve settled on a dispensary, you can simply click on the map to get geolocated, step-by-step driving directions to guide you straight to any destination.

The Cannabase Maps module provides an integrated solution for business owners to market their product at any point from seed-to-sale using a customizable dashboard. One of the biggest complaints we hear about the quality of technology in cannabis is that it’s disjointed and tedious. Data and information are not managed efficiently, which can cause information to get replicated or become stale. By integrating the seed-to-sale marketing tools for business owners and the inventory data from the POS systems, we can also help to maximize the efficiency (i.e. save time and effort, link automated data) for business owners and operators.

Strategically, the consumer end of our platform allows us to aggregate data on the retail side of the supply chain, which is critical to better understanding the market conditions and providing the best pricing and Cannalytics™ estimates to our vendors in the marketplace. Additionally, Cannabase Maps is built on a lightweight syndication script. This means that with a quick, cut-and-paste of a few lines of code, we can embed our map into partnering websites. It will help to expand our reach and audience by driving new traffic and promoting our brand in an organic and cost-effective manner.


With more wholesale product volume than any other outlet and powerful (exclusive) integrations with industry leaders, Cannabase can fully leverage industry data on an unprecedented level. Cannabase’s extensive collection of proprietary data and industry insights has yielded the valuable business intelligence and up-to-date analytics industry decision makers need to keep up with an ever-changing market.

Both ancillary and wholesale users can learn the ins and outs of the Colorado marijuana industry with in-app charts and graphs displaying key wholesale market metrics, aptly titled “Cannalytics™” market reports. In addition to product volume and pricing, Cannabase provides robust demand analytics for flower, trim, extract, edibles, seeds and clones in both the medical and recreational market statewide.

Making it easier than ever before to make informed pricing decisions and reinforce wholesale negotiations, Cannabase has quickly become an authority in the cannabis data space and a valuable resource for local and national cannabis press and exposure.