CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November / December 2016 - Page 17


With the acquisition of Cannabase, integrating and expanding the wholesale market into a fully compliant, real-time marketplace is now a possibility. “The market and data potential of Cannabase has been overlooked by the market, and this has been a great asset as we’ve developed key partnerships and technologies while quietly growing our already massive market share,” Venegas states.

During the summer of 2016, Helix announced Cannabase’s exclusive partnerships with the two market leaders in cannabis point-of-sale systems, MJ Freeway and BioTrackTHC. In combination, these two seed-to-sale tracking systems collect real-time data on over 90% of the national market (in states that have legalized cannabis in some form with regulatory requirements), which includes all commercial cannabis transactions and regulatory reporting in each state. The value of exclusive access to the inventory data of these systems cannot be overstated.

Cannabase is the only internet-based professional service in the cannabis industry that has successfully secured and maintained market saturation in a legal cannabis market, representing over 72% of the cannabis cultivation, infused product manufacturer, and retailer licenses in Colorado. Cannabase’s success is largely due to its user-friendly, highly customized wholesale market exchange, and its cutting-edge, integrated CRM that has allowed us to understand and penetrate the local market with incredible ease and sophistication.

The Cannabase platform consists of a highly secure, proprietary development, staging (testing), and production environment architected for automatic deployment based on a lean, customer feedback-based iterative development model. The in-house development team has developed a fully custom CRM & business intelligence dashboard, as well as its flagship networking applications for business owners, operators, advertisers, employees and consumers - Cannabase Marketplace, Cannabase Reach and Cannabase Maps.

The Cannabase team is composed of software developers and cannabis industry experts with experience in data management, database applications, e-commerce, online marketing, social media, and branding.

For over three years, this original founders’ team has successfully guided the development of Cannabase’s proprietary market intelligence database, data aggregation methodology, and needs-based applications. The team designs products and solutions with a constant focus on customer usability and forward-looking views of the cannabis market.

Cannabase believes in community outreach participation and is humbled by its ability to impact and provide guidance to key decision-makers and centers of influence both locally and across the country. The team has strong relationships with legislators and regulators that represent multiple states and agencies. For example, Cannabase CEO, Jennifer Beck, was elected to and has been serving as the Vice Chair of the Board of the Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce (C4) and Chair of the C4 Ancillary Council for the last two years. In this role, she acts as a voice and advocate on behalf of many of Colorado cannabis business owners.