CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November / December 2016 - Page 15

Helix’s flagship service is armed site security, which comprises the bulk of its revenue. The company also offers unarmed site security for clients that prefer unarmed security guards, for which guards receive training in de-escalation, arrest control, baton skills, and reception duties.

In addition to site security, Helix performs product and cash transport and courier services for its clients with the option of armed or unarmed personnel. In our pursuit to provide cost-effective services, Helix is now offering affordable courier deliveries for low-end transportation. We can assist cannabis businesses with centralizing cash, making deposits, and paying taxes. Helix can also help ancillary service businesses conduct invoice and cash pick-ups on receivables.

Helix is proud to announce the first fully functional security patrol service for the cannabis industry, which will be introduced in the Colorado market first. Our trained operators can stop by locations as requested for any (predetermined) number of times per day and can provide a show of force to any criminals that might be planning to target the client’s facility. This can be the most cost-effective approach to facilitating 24/7 security coverage for pennies on the dollar.

Using state-of-the-art remote monitoring systems, Helix can view a business’ security footage remotely and in real-time from our corporate control center and our mobile response team units. Helix can provide alarm and threat response forces in a timely manner and guarantee a response time that many law enforcement agencies can’t (or won’t) provide.

Helix is committed to improving overall safety in the cannabis industry, general acceptance of cannabis use and supporting legislation, and public perception of cannabis. We are eager to share our comprehensive training with other security companies, as well as guards employed directly by marijuana businesses (i.e. in-house staff). We are happy to help others build a team, outsource a team, or train an existing team of security professionals.

We will begin to offer offsite vaulting services exclusively to our clients in 2017. Whether there is a need to buy a vault for the client or find a vault to protect assets off-site, we are here to help find the perfect solution.

We have testified in state hearings and government initiatives on cannabis legislation and reform, and we helped to draft the laws and ballots in some states as well. Given our team’s extensive, combined work history as civil servants—whether as military soldiers (and veterans) or law enforcement—we are always ready to serve as a resource for our friends in the government. Additionally, we can help cannabis businesses facilitate positive communication with state governments and regulatory agencies.