CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November / December 2016 - Page 142

The Changing Face of the Cannabis Industry

It seems that every time you pick up a paper, click the TV remote, or cycle through your Facebook community there’s another major announcement about Cannabis. Just this last Tuesday, an impressive 8 of 9 states in the USA approved legalization measures. This now brings the total number of states allowing medical use of Cannabis to 28. And as public sentiment changes and research begins in earnest, we are now witnessing the groundswell of activity from the peripheral players in this emerging market.

While the industry was recently buzzing with word of the acquisition of General Hydroponics by Scotts, arguably an even bigger story is the rapid rise of Canada’s own Future Harvest Developments. For the past 20 years, Future Harvest has been quietly researching, developing, & manufacturing mineral organic based plant formulations and laboratory metering equipment for distribution around the world. And while FHD’s “Holland Secret” is a household name to many seasoned commercial growers, a surprising number of the big name fertilizers available at your local hydroponic stores were actually manufactured and bottled by FHD under it’s Private Label division. What makes Future Harvest Development the production house for many of the top nutrient solutions in the market is the company’s continued commitment to efficacy through research. A quick click on the mouse will bring you to Washington State’s agricultural site where FHD’s “Holland Secret” nutrients are clearly identified as having significantly less heavy metals than the much bigger players in this space. How do they do this, you ask… By partnering with several of the top universities in Canada, FHD is able to access some of the greatest minds and through continuous research and in conjunction with their in house bio-engineers, are able to develop game changing formulations that are responsible for their continued success.

As we dive into the changing face of the Cannabis industry, we travel to the West Coast of Canada and into the city of Kelowna. Located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and boasting over 175 licensed wineries, you quickly understand why Future Harvest would chose this location to house its manufacturing and bottling plant. Greeted in typical Canadian fashion and escorted through their factory, we arrived for our meeting with Chris Pearson.

-What's your role with FHD?

I am the Chief Revenue Officer with Future Harvest Developments.

- What is your background?

My background is in Sales & Marketing, most recently as the Canadian Director of Operations for Ducati Motorcycles

20 Years and Still Growing!