CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November / December 2016 - Page 13

Most companies are lucky enough to grow 10% a year, but Helix TCS manages to produce that level of growth increase each month and has done so since its inception last fall. To keep up with these rapid growth rates the company must stay focused and continue to outperform itself, but it’s prepared to do so through its commitment to exceptional service and developing innovative solutions for the cannabis industry.

Helix TCS has made only a handful of press releases to date, so not until recently did this company truly land on everyone’s radar, when its stock price rallied in the markets, jumping from $0.50 in September to current levels of $8.50 (roughly two months later at the time of this publication).

Alongside many other publicly traded cannabis stocks, Helix benefitted significantly from the November 2016 Presidential election. In the months leading up to the election, pending cannabis ballots in 9 states increased the attention and focus on the cannabis industry and its potential for short term, rapid growth. A strong signal of the increasing nationwide acceptance of legal cannabis, 8 of the 9 states that were voting on cannabis initiatives in November passed their ballots, increasing the market’s estimated potential by up to $8 billion by some estimates. Most cannabis stocks have begun to stabilize following the election, which may indicate a permanent improvement in the stability of the industry.

Unlike many other small and micro-cap companies, however, Helix has avoided exposure to toxic finance in its capital structure. In addition, it has purposefully maintained an extremely tight float on its stock available to trade in the market. The company’s capital structure is healthy and reflects lean operations and organic growth. For these reasons, Helix TCS is arguably less susceptible to stock price manipulation, toxic and harmful debt, and egregious trading practices.

In addition to its publicly trading stock, Helix TCS has significantly increased its visibility from its position as a connector and problem-solver for many key stakeholders and businesses throughout the industry. The network and relationships that Helix has developed have made the company a household brand in cannabis. Over the last year, Helix has slowly and quietly risen to become a market leader in the legal cannabis industry within its three disciplines: technology, compliance, and security.

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