CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November / December 2016 - Page 127

Of particular interest within the world of pre-filled cartridges is the intensity with which consumers in Oregon's new adult-use market for concentrates (which just began in June; only flower was for sale in adult-use markets until June) embraced pre-filled cartridges. Just months after sales of concentrates began among adult-use consumers in Oregon, pre-filled cartridges easily command the market, with 52 percent — more than half! — of the overall market, and $7.32 million in sales out of the $14.07 million adult-use market for concentrates.

As so many new states begin introducing legal recreational and medical cannabis sales in 2017, thanks to the 2016 election, consumers will continue to experiment with the myriad ways of consuming cannabis. Will California continue to propel the pre-filled cartridge industry? Will consumers in Massachusetts find a passion for live resin or budder, and shun pre-filled cartridges? We will find out.