CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November / December 2016 - Page 12


A relatively new kid on the block in the cannabis industry, Helix TCS, Inc. (“Helix TCS” or “Helix”) is no stranger to the services it provides because it has already provided these same services successfully in traditional (i.e. non-cannabis) industries. Helix TCS is headquartered in a neighborhood of Denver, Colorado called Greenwood Village, which is a business epicenter known to the locals as “Denver Tech Center.” Although the company is barely a year old, it already boasts the market leader position in multiple sectors of the cannabis industry.

From its headquarters in this peaceful, tree-lined suburb of Denver, Helix has found itself knee-deep in the middle of the cannabis industry very quickly. It had a slow start entering the market, and it did not do so until almost two years after recreational cannabis had been legalized in Colorado. You could call it a handicap, but you wouldn’t be able to tell based on how it has secured its position in the industry.

The “TCS” in the name “Helix TCS” stands for technology, compliance, and security. These three business lines are the company’s focus and core competency sets, providing a complete integrated operating environment for licensed cannabis businesses. With seasoned executives in each area of focus, the Helix team has deep individual experience prior to joining forces in the cannabis industry. Unlike many of its competitors, the company is dedicated exclusively to cannabis, and 100% of its revenue is derived from cannabis-related engagements.