CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November / December 2016 - Page 104

Now that we have the election results we see an even greater level of support for Marijuana now more than ever!

Dispensaries have such a selection to choose from, we never know what we're getting; none or few of these concoctions were made in a laboratory with profit being a main motive. What does that leave us with? A product that remains inconsistent in milligram count, purity, and, cannabinoids in use due to the high variance in each strain used to derive their base extract. Grandma doesn't know what Afghan Kush will do to her in comparison to Purple Haze; but if they are given a route of administration, they’re comfortable with that IS consistent, that's a whole new can of worms!

Traditional pills, cough syrups, sprays; all with the proper molecular chemistry can and I believe will change the world. People like Rick Simpson or the "King of Pot"; a pioneer with a rebellious spirit to help those in need! Using his gifts for good and willing to face the dangers associated with the industry.

World negative views on cannabis will shift from traditional pharmaceuticals. Now I must play devil’s advocate and admit that Marijuana cannot do everything. Traditional medicine is a necessary evil as some would say.

In summary, supply always follows demand. If the public wants Marijuana, the greed of Wall Street, corporations and politicians will have to oblige.