CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November / December 2016 - Page 103

It’s far from a secret that Marijuana has what seems to be an infinite amount of uses as a tool to improve quality of life as well as an ingestible medicine with minimal side effects; hungry, happy, sleepy tend to be the main side effects but of course there is the human threshold that may send someone into a stasis, dizziness, vomiting, paranoia, and the most interesting thing about these side effects come from abuse rather than use. Remember, you can always take more, never less. That is until a "high" inhibitor reaches the market in the decades to come. In all reality, I'd rather have a marijuana overdose than a traditional pharmaceutical one any day! Seizures, death, coma, addiction, heart attack, and the list goes on.

There are some innovative "alchemist" out there deriving the essentials of the plant and providing patients who are refusing traditional medicine another form of treatment to improve their quality of life. A ghost known only as "The King of Pot" is such an "alchemist" having done what many say is impossible. "The key is temperature signatures" he tells me; imagine how they still crude oil into different types of fuels. Let's take that same concept to a lab with glass beakers and imagine utilizing modern technology along with some yet to be released technology in order to capture, isolate, or remove the appropriate cannabinoid per patient. Yes it seems grueling, costly, and at the least time consuming. One must ask the question, if you had this ability to heal and or help, would it be worth it?

The mysterious King of Pot says it is, "undoubtedly worth every second and every penny spent in the lab. How can you put a price on peace of mind or a clean bill of health? Extra time with a chronically ill loved one." Having treated over 100 happy patients with a success rate to match (100%) something must be working! From Alzheimer's to a variety of cancers there has not been one case where cannabis caused any negative harm to the patient. Now this is where the problem lies. Big pharmaceuticals don't like this one bit; that's no secret.

Undoubtedly worth every second and penny spent in the lab. How can you put a price on peace of mind?"

-King of Pot