CANNAINVESTOR Magazine May / June 2017 - Page 69

Medical Q&A (user generated content):

Next, consumers browse our database of 15,000+ unique articles, questions & answers covering product selection and advice. Much of this content having been created by community doctors, retailers, brand partners and others. Asking questions is free, and any member of our community can answer. This public content has the added advantage of attracting new visitors to our site through organic search, currently growing at 20% per month and making our customer acquisition costs close to zero.

Amazon-like marketplace (product sales):

Once a product selection is made, we present purchase and pricing option from our marketplace of hundreds of retail, brand and delivery partners. This ' of cannabis' strategy presents HelloMD the opportunity to participate in the $50B cannabis market with 15% commission on sales, while the network effects of the cannabis ecosystem create long term barriers to entry for competitors. There is currently no national, online retailer for cannabis products.

B2B offerings

In addition to our consumer solutions, we offer our 400+ retail and brand partners a platform to promote their products to our community of consumers. This is achieved by participation in our (Quora-like) Q&A forums, personal profiles with a history of questions answered, blog postings, weekly newsletters, videos, deals, offers and other features. We host regular (Ask Me Anything) events with key partners which engage our audience and provide exposure to new brands and products. All of the content on HelloMD is moderated which ensures quality and trust in our brand is maintained.

Hundreds of partners have integrated HelloMD technology into their own websites, which provides their customers direct access to our doctor community and many have integrated with our API offerings to automate the process of new customer on-boarding (regulatory compliance).