CANNAINVESTOR Magazine May / June 2017 - Page 68

Company Overview

Over the past 24 months, we believe HelloMD has become the leading destination on the web for health & wellness oriented cannabis consumers. This demographic is larger than the recreational market, and will include tens of millions over coming years.

HelloMD provides a complete solution, starting with a doctor's consultation over Telehealth, to product selection and advice, community advice and purchase/ delivery options from hundreds of licensed retailer and brand partners.

HelloMD is uniquely positioned to scale in the fast growing industry in the US - soon to reach $22B by analyst expectations - in that we do not 'touch the plant' and are not hindered by interstate regulations. Additionally, we are creating an international brand in cannabis and will open in Canada in 2017. Over the coming years, cannabis worldwide is estimated to grow into a 500B market, and consumers from across the planet will be guided by HelloMD as they discover cannabis products for their health & wellness.

Cannabis is a confusing market for new consumers. Thousands of product offerings are available, with limited medical advice or information for health & wellness-minded consumers. Additionally, there are legal requirements to join state medical cannabis programs.

A complete solution for cannabis consumers:

Doctor Consultations:

Our proprietary technical platform guides patients on their journey with medical cannabis. The initial connection is with a licensed doctor, which takes place over live video feed using a smartphone (Telehealth). HelloMD is already the leader in this space with more than 50,000 completed consults.