CANNAINVESTOR Magazine May / June 2017 - Page 57


Companies such as Lexaria Bioscience Corp (CSE:LXX; OTC:LXRP) may be uniquely positioned to capitalize on a unified Canadian market as well as a fragmented US market. For example, their licensing model allows, in theory, for multiple licenses to be granted to similar companies but operating in separate states. Lexaria has a number of international patents pending. As medications move more to sublingual delivery, LXX may be well positioned and I encourage you to refer to the case study on Lexaria in the February issue. On May 2, LXX announced a $1M R&D program. As a final observation on this sector, The Canadian Arthritis Society applauded the Canadian government’s proposed legislation – such an endorsement from a patient advocacy group is rare. Such a statement may be a hint of what this sector may afford to not only medical research and treatment but also to the Retail Investor.


Since the first article last spring, Retail Investors are reminded of the need to do their due diligence and to continuously monitor all aspects of their portfolio. The last few months have focussed more on how the unscrupulous use investment boards, game theory, social media, and domain name grabs to manipulate investors and even to attempt to mimic stablished brands for their own purposes. Readers were reminded that when they navigate to such sites to always run their virus and malware scanners, clear the cache and so forth. A comparison to the venus fly trap was made as these sites just wait for traffic to come to them. Someone I met at the O’Cannabiz conference held in Toronto on the April 22 weekend fell prey recently to such a website. The person I met did a google search and one of the hits had a name they recognized and trusted and they navigated to it without paying attention to the URL itself otherwise they would have caught the brand name infringement and domain name difference. After hearing this story, I engaged all of my computer security and intentionally navigated to this site myself. My defences blocked the attack that Norton assessed as “high” on the threat scale.

Retail Investor's Perspective