CANNAINVESTOR Magazine May / June 2017 - Page 239


Terra Tech (TRTC) has filed several Form 4s this month disclosing the continued sale of stock by the management as well as directors: One top analayst has been on the sidelines with TRTC for the last 18 months due to the company’s management team which continues to sell stock, its balance sheet which is very weak and will be dilutive, and its capital needs. Since 2015, we have been saying the company is focused on too many initiatives and needs to refine its focus and sell-off one or two business units. It is not too challenging to see (based on its financial statements) that the company is seeing more growth from its cannabis division. Also, the margins associated with this revenue is significantly higher. We would become favorable if the company took steps like this to improve its future.

Top Three Best Performing Cannabis Stocks Over the Past Year

#1: AXIM Biotech (+2,445.61%)

AXIM Biotechnologies Inc. (OTCQB: AXIM) is focused on developing a portfolio of over 20 cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals along with 17 patents and 20 trademarks. The company's flagship products utilize its proprietary chewing gum-based delivery system to provide consumers with superior bioavailability without the negative side effects or stigma of smoking cannabis or taking consuming edibles.

#2: Supreme Pharmaceuticals (SPRWF) (+286.44%)

Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a one of about 40 licensed producers of medical marijuana under Health Canada's Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations -- or ACMPR. The company's 7-acre -- 342,000 square foot -- hybrid greenhouse combines the best practices of indoor cultivation with the cost structure of a greenhouse to produce high-quality marijuana at a low cost.

Unlike many other licensed producers, the company is focusing exclusively on the business-to-business market where it will employ a wholesale business model. The company anticipates that the greenhouse will be capable of producing over 50 million grams of cannabis per year at full capacity. Its next buildout will bring on an additional 80,000 square feet of production space in addition to the 40,000 square feet that's already operational.

#3: American Cannabis (AMMJ) (+173.5%)

American Cannabis Co. is a business-to-business consulting firm and distributor of ancillary products and services to the cannabis industry. The company offers turnkey end-to-end solutions to existing and aspiring businesses in the cannabis industry by leveraging its hands-on experience and knowledge to provide business planning, license procurement, and operational best practices.

Recently, the company announced that it secured its first retainer client in the State of Louisiana. CB Medical LLC engaged the company's services as an applicant of the LSU-sponsored medical marijuana program.