CANNAINVESTOR Magazine May / June 2017 - Page 112

Our Solution

We will use the funds raised through our crowdfunding effort to purchase these properties with cash and receive rents of 5 to 10 times the going market rate. GLIF will leverage these properties with hard money lenders to quickly expand our portfolio. We will lease these properties on a long term NNN basis with an expected annualized return of approximately 40-50%. Through our other business units we will create an eco system that will drive brand awareness and consumer visibility in the market place to fulfill our deal flow.

Our Advantage

The company has the benefit of crowd funding to raise equity, whereas our competition is forced to take on convertible debt to acquire funds. This leads to dilution and in effect hurts the investors investment.

By offering equity in return for investments the company will be able to keep a tight share structure to ensure investors see a return on their original investment.

Investing in a company already trading, brings several risks, such as dilution. By investing in Green Leaf Investment Fund you have the opportunity to own equity in a ground level cannabis company at the IPO price. As the company acquires assets and generates revenue the PPS will appreciate in value.

The company will not need to dilute as we will be re-investing our revenues into the company to acquire more buildings and grow our portfolio out.