CANNAINVESTOR Magazine May / June 2017 - Page 107

GLIF's goal is to be the preeminent source for the best real estate assets in the burgeoning Cannabis Industry. Their business model at the core is securing industrial properties (IP) in high growth markets where cannabis is currently legal on the recreational/medicinal level. Upon conversion of the IP into a zoned cultivation facility the value of the property appreciates significantly. It is not uncommon to see growers lease these facilities at 4 to 5 times the market rate.

Investing in GLIF allows the investor access to a high growth opportunity at the inception of the deal. The GLIF team has transacted billions of dollars in real estate deals and we look forward to providing significant returns to investors. The company has already targeted several buildings in California for purchase ranging from $1.5MM to $2MM as well as a property in MA currently being sold for approximately $850K. The leases are being negotiated by the company right now and will have approximately a 40% to 50% annual ROI with NNN leases for each building. The company anticipates to have approximate revenues of $2.5MM in our first year of business. Initial investments will go to purchase of three properties located in California, Nevada and Massachusetts that have already been located. Leases are being negotiated with growers at this time on a NNN basis with ten year terms and one ten year option. All of the growers have operations in-place that are successful and are looking for a real estate partner to expand their operations immediately.