CANNAINVESTOR Magazine May / June 2017 - Page 55

Retail Investor's Perspective

The prudent Retail Investor needs to take such information into consideration but also must realize and accept that such hope will take years to transition to actual patient treatment and that also assumes that cannabis is indeed instrumental to any such treatment. Take great caution in how much weight assigned to any decision at this time that is based on such information. Remember - investing based on a chip and chair is speculative.

In Canada, the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of

Cannabinoids is a “federally registered Canadian nonprofit

organization of basic and clinical researchers and health care

professionals established to promote evidence-based

research and education concerning the endocannabinoid

system and therapeutic applications of endocannabinoid and

cannabinoid agent”. The link embedded above takes you to

number of clinic trials [including in the USA] either

completed, underway, planned, or in the recruitment process.

According to

The biotech sector will be one of the greatest beneficiaries of the global cannabis movement and is comprised of some of the most mature and best capitalized companies … This sector is comprised of some of most attractive long-term companies. We think recent weakness has created opportunity and we want to highlight five cannabis stocks every investor should be watching.

The above referenced article lists five companies it suggests are worth considering. All five companies have been included in the CANNAINVESTOR Magazine Top 25 Stock Picks for quite some time. One company that has peaked my own interest for quite some time is InMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc (CSE:IN; OTC:IMLFF) as the company’s share price has risen from $0.07 to $0.96 before retreating. Particularly intriguing is their proprietary cannabinoid manufacturing technology being developed that uses biosynthesis to manufacture all 90+ naturally occurring cannabinoids without the need to actually grow any physical plants.