CANNAINVESTOR Magazine May / June 2017 - Page 52


An ETF is arguably on one end of the spectrum and on the other could be to invest at the “seed” level such as the opportunity that exists now in California with HelloMD. HelloMD is using seedinvest to crowdfund and there are two levels of investing – the crowd sourcing offering and another for accredited investors. This is not an endorsement of HelloMD or their offering but rather as an example that investing at an early stage is not only possible but is accessible to all eligible investors (seedinvest HelloMD offering). In the middle between HMMJ and HelloMD just may be CannaRoyalty Corp (CSE:CRZ: OTC:CNNRF).


My last few articles have focused on the biopharma subsector. Ecoforming changes this industry on a dime and recent headlines stating the medical cannabis industry is turning to biopharma have attracted the interest of retail investors. What if there was some new treatment, possibly not too far into the future, that could be taken in addition to existing treatments or potentially as a replacement? What if such treatments lacked the adverse side effects that are often associated with contemporary pharmaceutical prescriptions? In fact, there is already evidence that cannabis patients are showing less reliance on traditional pharmaceuticals – milestone study. Or this mid-April study that builds on the findings of similar studies that cannabis may reduce epileptic seizures by 50% of more. What if you had the opportunity to invest at an early stage in companies developing such drugs? What if, in the US, marijuana was reclassified to a Schedule III substance as a bipartisan bill hopes to accomplish? The introductory paragraph to a March 23 article appearing in the alternative daily is as profound as it is succinct:

Say the word “cancer” and most people feel one thing: fear. That’s because, now more than ever, cancer seems to strike across such a broad range of categories — young, old, thin, overweight, athletic, stationary and everything in between. With cancer’s prevalence, so too are its “cures,” many of which are wishy-washy in the name of science. But there’s one all-natural remedy for cancer that’s surprising scientists and patients alike: cannabis. It’s well known that cannabis can help to alleviate pain and nausea associated with chemotherapy, but can cannabis oil actually kill cancer cells? A number of studies point in that direction, and the anecdotal evidence is stacking up as well … To date, several studies on humans and animals have solidified the link between cannabis compounds and cancer cell death. Essentially, when cannabinoids enter the body, they target cancer cells and force them to “commit suicide” — all while having no negative effect on healthy cells, according to molecular biologist Dr. Christina Sanchez from the University of Madrid.