CANNAINVESTOR Magazine May / June 2017 - Page 121

Douglas DiSanti, CEO of Green Leaf Investment Fund, said, "Today's IPO markets are clearly broken and only favoring those with the right connections or individuals with large net worth. The SEC has completely changed the game through its recent mandate under Reg. A+, which allows emerging companies to raise funds and allow every day investors to participate in a pre IPO offering." DiSanti continued, "Monster Beverage, Quicksilver and General Growth Partners, to name a few, started out as penny stocks and are now some of the largest companies in their sector."

John Prettitore, CFO, said, "Green Leaf Investment fund will operate as a real estate company offering warehouse and greenhouse properties to cannabis growers. GLIF invests in and develops real estate throughout the U.S., focusing on states that are currently legal for recreational and medical cannabis use. We capitalize the real estate infrastructure for category-leading businesses, such as dispensaries, grows and marijuana infused products, which are scaleable and can be leveraged to other growth markets. We leverage the lack of banking, capital, traditional financing and liquidity available to businesses in the Cannabis Industry to generate attractive returns for the Fund."

Patrick O’Donnell, COO, added, “This offering will allow us to acquire properties that we have already identified as viable investments in legal markets. Upon conversion of the IP into a zoned cultivation facility the value of the property appreciates significantly. It is not uncommon to see growers lease these facilities at 4 to 5 times the market rate. Investing in our offering allows you access to a high growth opportunity at the inception of the deal. Our team has transacted billions of dollars in real estate deals and we look forward to providing significant returns to our investors.”