CANNAINVESTOR Magazine March / April 2017 - Page 97

When one thinks about cannabis jobs, what typically first comes to mind are jobs related to the growing, processing or retail sales of the plant or its derivatives, what are referred to as businesses that “touch-the-plant.” But, also jobs in “pick and shovel” businesses that service and support state-licensed businesses are growing at a very fast-rate.

These “pick and shovel” industries including firms providing payroll, accounting, and legal services to companies; providing the industry with software solutions, consulting services, security, packaging, and branding and marketing services.


Mark Stefanos, of the Los Angeles Times, in an opinion piece published on February 3, 2017, said and I concur:

“The policy benefits of legalization are many, and Trump shouldn’t wait to capitalize on the political opportunity. Legalization would be a deal that allows the government to save on the cost of enforcing prohibition and fighting a failing drug war. Pot would become safer as it becomes controlled and regulated, and the government could do a better job at youth drug prevention. Taxation from legal pot sales will provide state and local governments a healthy revenue stream, at the expense of our trade competitors. Most importantly, it would shore up support for his presidency from the demographics he needs, while growing the economy and jobs.”

As President Trump declared, “Buy American and hire American.

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