CANNAINVESTOR Magazine March / April 2017 - Page 67


Create a Strategy

Much like the preparation of backing up our content and followers before being deleted, we should also create a strategy for how we bounce back before it happens. When creating the new profile be sure to keep the branding identical. Make the profile photo, description and handle as close as possible to the deleted one. Create a content plan for how to reinstate the deleted photos. There should be a delicate balance between littering feeds and regular posting. Post about one to two photos per day until there is a good base of content left on the profile. Last, don’t be afraid to follow. Follow everyone that was on the former profile. Think about adding a comment in the profile information that informs potential followers that we were deleted.

Putting these social media marketing strategies into place now will help in case we ever do get deleted. If it has already happened, don’t be afraid to start over. Eventually the terms of service of these popular social platforms will catch up with state law. Until then, we must be prepared for what for many seems like the inevitable.

To be safe, refrain from posting prices and don’t attempt to sell anything on social sites. A successful social campaign will utilize this content to drive traffic to our website where the sale will be made. Just focus on building a community, the rest will follow.