CANNAINVESTOR Magazine March / April 2017 - Page 66


Our Cannabis Social Profile was Deleted, Now What?

By Celeste Miranda

There are ways to protect our business from becoming obsolete after being deleted on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Working in cannabis social media we hear it time and time again. A company with a quality showing in Instagram or Facebook regarding followers and engagements gets to the office to find that their company’s profile has been completely deleted. Most recently, US News has reported that Twitter sensors posts about cannabis the same way it filters anything about heroin or cocaine.

With the odds seemingly stacked against us, it can be hard to embark on the journey of building a social media profile. Imagine how disheartening it can be to build this back up from nothing after our profile has been deleted and starting anew. This can be a pretty upsetting time, but these tips can help any cannabis company bounce back.

You Don’t Back Up?

Let’s not wait until it is too late. We should always keep all of the photos, media, and information that is posted on our social accounts. That way, if our Instagram or Facebook page is deleted we can reuse the content that helped us build our original success on the social platform. It is also a wise idea to keep note of the followers that we interact with so that we can refollow. After being deleted, send a message to these followers letting them know what happened. They could help to promote the new handle that we create post-delete. It also helps to create a hashtag so that photos users have shared will stay in one place for reposting.