CANNAINVESTOR Magazine March / April 2017 - Page 61

Lexaria Bioscience Corp continues to impress with its current news releases including its March 23 news confirming the release of its patented high absorption full spectrum Hemp TurboCBD Capsules. This was on the heels of LXX verifying its arrangement with the National Research Council of Canada is on schedule. Since my February article Lexaria seems to have garnished a lot of attention by industry writers and on some social media accounts. It was 2015 when Lexaria was first featured in a CANNAINVESTOR webinar. The need to diversify has been cornerstone in these articles since day 1 and on March 22 an article titled “Mixed Marijuana Messages from Trump Administration Make Diversification Imperative” was making its rounds. Whether it is companies, information, or strategies - being a leader and not a follower is the CANNAINVESTOR advantage.

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Last month, Case Study#2 was titled “Won’t Get Fooled Again” and focussed on the risk of getting conned by the unscrupulous such as the use of names and websites that impersonate an existing and trusted brand. The December issue discussed their bag of tricks. Other past articles have cautioned Retail Investors that not all companies are run by honest entrepreneurs and management.

On March 9th, the SEC laid charges against a California company and its founder. The charges are for “falsely touting ‘record’ revenue numbers to investors and claiming to be a leader in the marijuana industry while some of its earnings came from sham transactions with a secret affiliate”. The company – Notis Global, formally Medbox, (OTC:NGBL). March 10th headline: “Former Billionaire Cannabis Entrepreneur Settles Securities Fraud Charges for $12M”. Notis CEO Settlement