CANNAINVESTOR Magazine March / April 2017 - Page 60

Retail Investor's Perspective

Your case study is to find those sources of information you rely on and to use investment analysis forms such as those available in the Potluck Cannabis Style eBook or create your own (INVESTMENT ANALYSIS FORM) and consider adding key Technical Analysis barometers and other relevant information that you have come to rely on - customize it. Consider adding a section of future milestone dates and events, competitors, etc and monitor these. Perhaps consider companies referenced past or from the TOP 25 STOCK PICK lists. Always include exchange symbols from different exchanges as sometimes there is a hint about a company’s origins which can be investigated. The following grid may be a good starting point using recent references. For example, for four of the five companies below the two ticker symbols provided for each appear consistent and in line with the company’s name and/or industry. Such flags should not be a cause of concern and are only an indicator to research the company’s background further as part of one’s due diligence.

Using the above five companies, a quick review of why due diligence and continuous monitoring are necessary follows. The share price of Neutrisci International Inc falling to its November private placement unit price of $0.10 should not have been unexpected to the prepared retail investor – the holding period ended for its private placement shares. Neutrisci recently announced another large distribution agreement with Gateway Newsstands across the USA and Canada followed up on March 21 with the launch of their “New Ambassador Direct Sales Channel”. With clinical evidence suggesting blueberries (and other berries) may assist in preventing Alzheimer’s, it will be interesting to see if Neutrisci’s blueberry powered neuenergy® tablets start to appear on even more shelves. Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd recently announced a two-year agreement with Canature Processing Limited - an industry leader in the freeze dried Pet Foods and Treats market. Naturally Splendid is also well diversified in other sectors with other recent news releases indicating positive product and market expansion. True Leaf has also been making positive headlines repeatedly since our May 2016 article and has product on the shelves in several countries. Liberty Leaf, referenced in the animal care section, was added to the index of its primary exchange.