CANNAINVESTOR Magazine March / April 2017 - Page 59

What I liked about their publication is its focus on having the reader physically put pen to paper about a number of categories for any given company. Their publication emphasizes the fact that there is a lot of misinformation online – recognizing misinformation is crucial to successful investing. Following their steps may go a long way in keeping a new Retail Investor on the right track! Their printable forms - I would suggest should be filled out “fresh” for each company on a regular basis (perhaps with each financial statement and milestone). Take note of any material changes from your last form. There are many vetted links to reliable sources including a current report that lists over 230 publicly traded companies. The time saved may be reason enough to consider it as the low cost of the book could be recovered many times over on a first successful investment or trade. In the past, I have stated that some pay-for-services are not worth it and that remains my overall position; however, for those new to investing in the cannabis sector, a small one time upfront expense of this nature may save the new investor hundreds of hours and grief scouring through information trying to distinguish the junk from the treasure. Why go dumpster diving if it can be avoided? As both Retail Investors and authors – Elizabeth and Larry truly are entrepreneurs. Please note, I receive no compensation of any kind for any stock or, in this case, publication that I reference

The Cannabis Industry is led by highly educated individuals who are entrepreneurial and forward thinking and the retail investors of the industry are no different. Many companies are managed by their founder(s). The retail investor is investing in the entrepreneurs directly when participating in, for example, a private placement to purchase shares rather than on secondary markets (exchanges). Companies such as True Leaf Medicine offer qualifying investors such opportunities without the need to be an Accredited Investor.

Retail Investor's Perspective