CANNAINVESTOR Magazine March / April 2017 - Page 58


The constraints affecting many retail investors are money and time. How often have you wanted to add to your position or open a new position but struggled with what shares in other companies to sell to pay for it? In his March 7, 2017 article for Seeking Alpha, Daniel Goldman wrote:

The cannabis market is currently depressed because of the uncertainty regarding its legality. Federal legalization can eliminate that concern, which would drive up demand.

Although the above quote was written with respect to why Massroots Inc (MSRT) may be a good investment, it may apply industry wide. MSRT has been a steady fixture within the CANNAINVESTOR Magazine Stock lists. On March 20, MSRT announced their one millionth registered user. Mr. Goldman’s summary succinctly reminds investors as to why now may be a good time to invest:

Daniel Goldman’s Summary

1. New legislation is being pushed to legalize marijuana on the federal level.

2. Legal marijuana sales already total more than $6.7 billion per year.

3. Due to its illicit nature, exact usage figures are not available, but by 2027, 10% of the population could be using marijuana at least once a month.

The cannabis investor is indeed an Entrepreneur - look no further than the February issue of CANNAINVESTOR Magazine and the article written by Elizabeth V. Allen titled “Canna Yes! Cannabis Investing Basics for Beginners”. No matter the activity, we all need to go to back to the basics at times – something I try to repeat almost monthly in these pages. Think of your favourite baseball player who is in slump whether it is at the bat or on the mound. Often the coaches state that the player has changed something mechanically and needs to get back to the basics in order to get back in form. Due diligence is an ongoing feedback loop and not something done once only at the onset. Ms. Allen, along with Larry Wells Jr, have an online publication for sale available in PDF or eBook format: Pot Luck Cannabis Style: A Step by Step Guide to Begin Investing in Marijuana Stocks.