CANNAINVESTOR Magazine March / April 2017 - Page 57

Concerned about a possible Federal government crack down? Conservative estimates factoring that in project the industry to grow by 27% annually.

USA Legal Industry Growth

Some have asserted that the global legal cannabis and hemp industries may exceed $1 trillion before long. Entrepreneurs start businesses because they see a future market with potential. Companies such as New Age Farm Inc (CSE:NF; OTC:NWGFF) appear well positioned to be at the forefront of this expected potential economic expansion – per their website “Investors have a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new and burgeoning industry by investing in our unique and carefully managed business model designed to capitalize on the needs of this emerging sector”. NEW AGE FARM Subscribe to the Canadian edition of CANNAINVESTOR magazine for updates on NF and other Canadian companies.

This coverage of NF was released subsequent to this article’s submission:

Oracle Dispatch


The world’s largest legal cannabis producer not only has a foot in both sectors highlighted in this month’s article but has recently been added to the S&P-TSX Index. The last fact may be critical to the Retail Investor as “big institutional investors and index funds use the index to guide buying decisions, so being included can lead to more demand for a stock. Canopy’s inclusion … will likely drive more investors to the name, and the sector as whole”. CANOPY GROWTH ADDED TO THE INDEX Canopy Growth not only has been on the Top 25 Stock Picks since the first issue of CANNAINVESTOR Magazine but was also the first case study within this monthly article. Canopy Health Innovations, the recently formed research incubator partly owned by WEED demonstrates the potential of the animal care and the pharma sectors. WEED - CHI The speculative forward thinking Retail Investor likely noticed that WEED entered into a MOU with a previous referenced company - Namaste Technologies Inc (CSE:N, OTC:NXXTF). On March 22, Namaste announced it has entered into a LOI to acquire 100% of CannMart, a late stage ACMPR applicant in Canada. Just keep in mind that MOUs and LOIs are synonymous and are typically non-binding. MOU = LOI Shares of Namaste have increased by more than 300% since first referenced in this article just a few months ago. This is the CANNAINVESTOR Advantage.