CANNAINVESTOR Magazine March / April 2017 - Page 34

Strategic Business Development & Marketing Partnerships - Lead to More Covered Lives

Novus and Golden Grail Technology’s AccurateVenture

Execute Strategic Partnership Agreement

Novus MedPlan to be Offered to AccurateVenture Customers

AccurateVenture’s Hemp Products Now Covered Nationwide Under Novus MedPlan

Marketing and processing under the Strategic Partnership Agreement is targeted to start in early April 2017.

Novus is proud to announce its has executed a Strategic Partnership Agreement with AccurateVenture, a leading performance-based marketing company. Novus will now cover the bioRenovate ® Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp Cannabidiol products and the consumer Miracle Brand CBD products, under its Novus MedPlan. The Agreement calls for AccurateVenture to offer its approximate 200,000 customers base the opportunity to purchase the Novus MedPlan giving Novus’ patient members up to a 50% discount off the purchase of any of AccurateVenture’s Cannabidiol products.

For each additional 1,000 lives covered, NDEV will generate $300,000 annual revenue.