CANNAINVESTOR Magazine March / April 2017 - Page 25


Charlotte’s Web CBD: An agreement that put Novus in the forefront was the contractual agreement with the makers of Charlotte’s Web a CBD by the Stanley Brothers.  This accomplishment was largely contributed in 2014 when parents lobbying for the use of cannabis-derived Cannabidiol (CBD non psychoactive), orally administered oil for treatment of seizures, gained a lot of traction in the United States. This windfall put Novus in a position to execute an agreement for CBD products with the Stanley Brothers (CW Botanicals and their nonprofit, Realm of Caring) where Novus has an exclusive 65% discount for our patient/members for the “Advance Clinical Formula”, as well as a 30% discount of the “Consumer Formula.”

* Above chart demonstrates he average purchase for medical marijuana by consumers is a minimum $300 per month for CBD and THC based meds.

Novus Insurance Model