CANNAINVESTOR Magazine March / April 2017 - Page 23


Uniqueness of Being A Novus Provider

Impediments Cannabis Dispensaries (Provider) Face:

To compete with other dispensaries for patients/customers

Barriers of advertising relying on expensive websites that charge dispensaries $500 or more a month to show the Provider’s inventory with no call to action.  

Novus MedPlan's  portal delivers to the Provider(s)  Provider benefits plan:

 1. Member Access:  To a loyal and exclusive patient market.

2. Free Instant Web Presence:  Upon joining the Provider will get their online shop on Novus MedPlan web portal to display their inventory and call to action.

3. Free Digital Marketing:  Providers are paying high prices for Social Networking, Content Marketing SEO, Email, Affiliate Networking.

4. Free Display of Inventory:   Novus’ portal the Provider can modify inventory just as they would with Weedmaps or Leafly without the high price

5. Push Notifications Orders:  Patients pre-order from Novus’ portal with push notifications the Provider’s dispensary where the transaction is conducted between the patient/member and the dispensary.

6. Be Competitive:  Novus gives a competitive edge over the Provider’s competition within their geographical area without the obligation of overhead expenses to the Provider, which gives a bottom line to our Provider Network