CANNAINVESTOR Magazine March / April 2017 - Page 178

Medical Marijuana reaches the West Virginia Senate Floor

Legislation legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes failed in the House of Delegates, but is now gaining traction in the Senate. The Senate Judiciary Committee approved SB 386 Tuesday 13-3 and sent it to the Senate floor where it faces an uncertain future.

The bill limits the number of medical marijuana growers in the state to 15 and the number of dispensaries to 60. Currently, more than half of U.S. states permit medical marijuana and eight states have legalized cannabis for recreational purposes.

Earlier in the session members of the House who support medical marijuana tried to amend the provision into another bill, but failed 35-64. House leaders are opposed to medical marijuana so Senate Republicans may be reluctant to send the House a bill they know the House leadership is against.

Medical Marijuana passed the Georgia House of Representatives

A bill to expand treatments eligible for medical marijuana overwhelmingly passed the Georgia House of Representatives Tuesday. The bill needs Senate approval between now and Thursday in order to go to the Governor for his signature.

The House bill allows the use of cannabis oil, derived from marijuana, to treat a list of conditions. They include:


ALS, at its end stage

Seizure disorders

Multiple Sclerosis, at its end stage

Crohn's disease

Sickle Cell, at its end stage

Autism for patients 18 or under

Tourette's syndrome

Epidermolysis bullosa, a skin condition

Alzheimer's, at its end stage

AIDS, at its end stage

Peripheral neuropathy, at its end stage

The bill allows cannabis oil to retain its 5% strength of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. The state Senate previously passed a bill to reduce that amount, but withdrew that requirement during negotiations with House members.