CANNAINVESTOR Magazine March / April 2017 - Page 16


Diversification of the Insurance Model As a Carrier

Established each state’s MMJ statutory protocols for MMJ healthcare insurance and then integrate FinTech protocols into our web portal for customer cultivation, acquisitions and servicing

Portal design, makes it user friendly for consumers and insurance agencies to sell direct and give instant and easy access to a range of insurance solutions tailored specifically to particular insurance profiles

As an Aggregator

Portal has established a footprint in the institutional insurance business where we are positioned to generate up to 40 insurance lines of business, plus automation of API gateways tied to 24 of the world’s most prominent insurance/reinsurance carriers

If the consumer chooses another insurance carrier Novus’ portal can automate, as an aggregator, binding policies that will deliver another revenue stream and continue to replenish the enhancement of the balance sheet to focus on writing more policies