CANNAINVESTOR Magazine March / April 2017 - Page 152


New Apps for Android and iOS

16,000+ Listings

Download the app and have thousands of cannabis industry connections in your pocket wherever you go!


Our new dynamic search engine shows you where your favorite cannabis strains are in-stock closest to you!

Menus with Pictures

See images of all business' menu items for easier selection before ordering!

Organic Geo-Targeting

The new WF app locates you upon opening, and shows you businesses in your closest proximity. With no predefined borders, this new app will zoom out in stages until it finds exactly what you are searching for!

New Features

Menus with Images, Recreational Dispensary Filtering, Deals, WFTV, Classifieds, WF Gear, Favorites, Polygon Search, Get Directions, Leave Reviews, Click-to-Call, Share/Comment/Check-In with Facebook or Gmail and much more!